B Using the WebLogic JarBuilder Tool

Learn how to create the wlfullclient.jar using the WebLogic JarBuilder tool.


The WebLogic full client, wlfullclient.jar, is deprecated as of WebLogic Server 12.1.3 and may be removed in a future release. Oracle recommends using the WebLogic Thin T3 client or other appropriate client depending on your environment. Replacement for the full client jar is a full installation. For more information on WebLogic client types, see Table 1-1.

This appendix includes the following sections:


If you run the WebLogic Full Client from a <java> task that is invoked in an Ant script, see Running the WebLogic Full Client in a Non-Forked VM, for important information regarding the RSA Crypto-J library, which is included in the wlfullclient.jar manifest classpath.

Creating a wlfullclient.jar for JDK 1.8 client applications

Learn how to create a wlfullclient.jar file for JDK 1.8 client applications.

Use the following steps to create a wlfullclient.jar file for JDK 1.8 client application:

  1. Change directories to the server/lib directory.
    cd WL_HOME/server/lib
  2. Use the following command to create wlfullclient.jar in the server/lib directory:
    java -jar wljarbuilder.jar
  3. You can now copy and bundle the wlfullclient.jar along with cryptoj.jar with client applications. The wlfullclient.jar and cryptoj.jar must be kept in the same directory as the wlfullcient.jar references cryptoj.jar in its manifest Class-Path.
  4. Add the wlfullclient.jar to the client application's classpath.