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Export partitions

Before you begin

Note: WebLogic Server Multitenant domain partitions are deprecated in WebLogic Server The related Console and help pages will be removed in the next release.

Prior to exporting a domain partition, you must first have created or imported one. See Create domain partitions and Import partitions.

Exporting a domain partition creates a partition backup and stores it in an archived format. You can easily move the archived partition from one domain to another, including the applications that are deployed to the partition.

To export a domain partition:

  1. In the left pane of the Console, select Domain Partitions.

    The Domain Partitions table displays all the partitions defined in the domain.

  2. In the Domain Partitions table, select the check box next to the partition you want to export and click Export.
  3. On the Export a Domain Partition page:
    1. (Optional) Select the Include Application Bits check box if you want to include the installed application and library binaries in the exported partition archive.
    2. (Optional) In the Enter the full path to the Key File text box, enter the full path to a file containing a string to use as the encryption key to encrypt attributes in the partition archive.

      If you do not provide your own key, a new secret key will be generated and stored in the expPartSecret file in the exported <Partition-name>.zip file.

    3. Select or enter the full path to the directory in which to save the partition archive.

      Each domain partition should be located in its own directory. The domain partition archive will be overwritten if it already exists in the specified location. Other files in the directory may be overwritten as well.

      The archive file will be named <Partition-name>.zip.

  4. Click OK.


A partition archive is created and placed in the location you specified.

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