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Import partitions

Before you begin

Note: WebLogic Server Multitenant domain partitions are deprecated in WebLogic Server The related Console and help pages will be removed in the next release.

Prior to importing a domain partition:
  • You must have previously exported a domain partition (the source domain) to a partion archive file. See Export partitions.
  • The server instance must already have a domain configured (the target domain).

While importing a partition archive, you may need to update the dependencies on the domain (like targets and security realms) and also optionally update other attributes in the partition configuration to make it valid. For more information, see Exporting and Importing Partitions.

To import a domain partition:

  1. In the left pane of the Console, select Domain Partitions.

    The Domain Partitions table displays all the partitions defined in the domain.

  2. Click Import.
  3. On the Import a Domain Partition page:
    1. (Optional) Select the Create New check box if the resource group template already exists in the target domain and you want to create a new one using a new name.

      All resource group templates used by the source domain partition are contained in the partition archive and are imported along with the partition into the target domain.

      If the resource group template already exists in the target domain and you do not specify Create New, the import operation will fail. If a resource group template with the same name already exists in the target domain and you specify Create New, a new resource group template is created with a new name and all the entities in the imported partition reference the new resource group template.

    2. (Optional) The name to use for the partition when it is created in the target domain. This defaults to the original name of the partition.
    3. (Optional) In the Enter the full path to the Key File text box, enter the full path to a file containing a string to use as the encryption key to decrypt attributes in the partition archive.
    4. Select or enter the full path to the partition archive file you want to import.
  4. Click OK.


The partition is imported into the target domain.

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