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Configure Web service reliable messaging

Web service reliable messaging is a framework that enables an application running on one application server to reliably invoke a Web service running on another application server, assuming that both servers implement the WS-ReliableMessaging specification. Reliable is defined as the ability to guarantee message delivery between the two Web services in the presence of software component, system, or network failures.

WebLogic Web services conform to the WS-ReliableMessaging (February 2009) specification, which describes how two Web services running on different application servers can communicate reliably. In particular, the specification describes an interoperable protocol in which a message sent from a source endpoint (or client Web service) to a destination endpoint (or Web service whose operations can be invoked reliably) is guaranteed either to be delivered, according to one or more delivery assurances, or to raise an error.

For more information about creating and invoking reliable Web services, see:

The following procedure describes the high-level main steps for configuring the source WebLogic Server instance (which hosts the application invoking the reliable Web service) and the destination WebLogic Server instance (which hosts the reliable Web service) for reliable messaging. Steps are provided for both JAX-WS Web services and JAX-RPC Web services, as the configuration steps are slightly different.

  1. Configure your domain for Web service advanced features, as described in the following section, JAX-WS Web services: "Configuring Your Domain for Advanced Web Services Features in Developing JAX-WS Web Services for Oracle WebLogic Server.
  2. For JAX-WS Web services, configure the source and destination WebLogic Server instances, as follows:
    1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select Environment then Servers.
    2. In the right pane, click the name of the server for which you want to configure reliable message.
    3. Select Configuration> Web Services > Reliable Message.
    4. Set the reliable messaging configuration properties, as required.
    5. Click Save.
  3. For both JAX-WS and JAX-RPC Web services, configure reliable messaging at the Web service endpoint (port) level:
    1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select Deployments.
    2. In the right pane, navigate within the Deployments table until you find the Web service for which you want to view the configuration.

      Note: Web services are deployed as part of an Enterprise application, Web application, or EJB. To understand how Web services are displayed in the Administration Console, see View installed Web services.

    3. In the Deployments table, click the name of the Web service.
    4. Select Configuration > Ports, then click the name of the Web service endpoint that you want to configure.
    5. On the Web service endpoint page, select the Reliable Message tab.
    6. Click Customize Reliable Message Configuration.
    7. Set the reliable messaging configuration properties, as required.
    8. Click Save.

After you finish

Attach a WS-Policy file that contains reliable messaging policy assertions with the Web service. See Attach a WS-Policy file to a Web service.

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