D Schema Reference for Web Services Policy Sets

This appendix provides the XML schema for reference when creating a policy set file.

The following graphic describes the element hierarchy of the policy set document.

Figure D-1 Element Hierarchy of the Policy Set

Description of Figure D-1 follows
Description of "Figure D-1 Element Hierarchy of the Policy Set"

This appendix includes the following topics:

D.1 policySet Element

A policy set is used to define a set of concrete policies that apply to some binding type or implementation type.

Physically, a policy set is expressed as an XML element using the pseudo-schema shown in Figure D-1.

policySet Element Attributes

The following section summarizes the policy set attributes, including the Oracle extensions.

Table D-1 Attributes of Policy Set Element

Attribute Description


Name of the policy set.


Supported expression identifying an element to which the policy set applies. This attribute must contain a value to be considered valid.


Supported expression identifying an element to which the policy set is attached. This attribute must contain a value to be considered valid.


Description for the policy set. This name is used when the policy set is displayed in a user interface.


Indicates if a policy set is available for use. When set to enabled (the default), the policy set is processed normally. When set to disabled, the policy set is ignored during processing.

This attribute is automatically set to disabled if the policy set fails validation when written to the repository.


Supported expression identifying the run-time context to which the policy set applies. If this attribute is not specified, the policy set applies to all run-time contexts.

D.2 wsp:policyReference Element

Use the wsp:policyReference element to associate a policy set with one or more policies.

This element contains the orawsp:OverrideProperty Element.

wsp:policyReference Element Attributes

The following table summarizes the attributes of the <wsp:policyReference> element.

Table D-2 Attributes of <wsp:policyReference> Element

Attribute Description


OWSM policy URI to be associated with the policy set.


Category of the policy. Valid values include: security, mtom, wsrm, addressing, and management.


Status of the policy reference. Valid values include: enabled and disabled.

policySet Element Example

The following example shows a sample policy set that attaches a username token policy to all non-SCA web services in an application whose name begins with the text "CRM" in a domain named "base_domain".

<policySet name="non_sca_web_service_policyset"
           attachTo="Domain('base_domain') and Application('CRM*')"
           orawsp:description="Default policy for a non-SCA web service"
        orawsp:status="enabled" />

D.3 orawsp:OverrideProperty Element

Use the <orawsp:OverrideProperty> element to specify a configuration override associated with a policy attachment in a policy set.

orawsp:OverrideProperty Element Example

<orawsp:OverrideProperty name="csf-key" value="orakey" />