7 Installing Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL Databases

Learn about the requirements and how to install Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL databases.


7.1 Operating System Privileges

See Operating System Privileges for general information about the operating system requirements.

7.2 Other Programs and Settings

The following are other programs and settings for Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL libpq libraries need to be installed where Oracle GoldenGate is to be installed and must be installed prior to running Oracle GoldenGate. Required packages can be found at https://www.postgresql.org/download/. Choose an available download based on the operating system for where Oracle GoldenGate will be installed and the version of the source or target PostgreSQL database.

It is recommended that the version of the client libraries should match the PostgreSQL database version and client versions below 10 are not supported.

For Linux systems:

Install the postgresqlversion#-libs module of the Linux installation package and add the PostgreSQL client installation folder’s lib directory and the planned Oracle GoldenGate installation folder’s lib directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable:

For example, sudo yum install postgresql13-libs
export OGG_HOME=path_to_install_GoldenGate 
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$OGG_HOME/lib:/usr/pgsql-13/lib
  • To capture from a PostgreSQL database, Oracle GoldenGate requires the test_decoding database plugin be installed for the database, which may not have been installed by default, so ensure that the postgresqlversion#-contrib package is installed on the database server.

    For example, sudo yum install postgresql13-contrib

  • When installing Oracle GoldenGate on a remote server (one different from where the database is running), set the remote server's time and time zone to that of the source database server so that Oracle GoldenGate Extract can correctly position by time when creating the Extract with the BEGIN option, otherwise, position by a valid LSN value.

7.3 Where to Install Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL must be installed on a supported operating system as per the Certification Matrix, and can be installed on the database server itself or on an application hub server, based on your preference.

7.4 Installing for PostgreSQL

To install Oracle GoldenGate for your PostgreSQL system. See Installing for all Platforms.

7.5 Installing the DataDirect driver for PostgreSQL

After installing Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL, the Extract and Replicat processes use a DataDirect ODBC driver to connect to a PostgreSQL database. This driver is packaged with Oracle GoldenGate and needs to be installed and configured separately.

Installing for Linux

After installing Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL on Linux, the DataDirect driver is automatically installed, but an ODBCINI variable needs to be set.
  1. For Classic Architecture, create a new session variable called ODBCINI and assign it the path of the odbc.ini file, which defaults to /etc/odbc.ini.
    export ODBCINI=/etc/odbc.ini