6 Managing Security

Learn how to manage the security for your replications by using Oracle GoldenGate Studio. Security manager allows you to create users, manage passwords and manage the security in Oracle GoldenGate Studio.


6.1 Understanding Security in Oracle GoldenGate Studio

The Security Navigator to manage the Security in Oracle GoldenGate Studio. You can also use the Security Navigator to create users, manage password, and to set an account expiration date. Users in Oracle GoldenGate Studio can be Supervisor, or Administrator and non supervisors. There can be only one SUPERVISOR account that is created using RCU. Non supervisor users cannot access the Security Navigator window.

The Security Navigator looks as follows:

Figure 6-1 Security Navigator

Security Navigator

6.2 Using the Security Navigator

The Security Navigator is available only for user with SUPERVISOR privilege which is the account created during repository creation. Non supervisor accounts can only change their own password using Change Password menu option under OGG menu.

You can do the following tasks by using the Security Navigator:

  • Adding a New User.

  • Modifying an Existing User.

  • Deleting an User.

6.2.1 Adding a New User

To add a new user, do as follows:

  1. Click the user button and select New User.
  2. Click Change Password, type the New Password, type the same password in Confirm Password. You can also set the Allow Expiration Date to set a password expiration date (optional). If this is set, the user needs to change the password in the log in after the expiry date.
  3. Click the Save button in the toolbar.

The change password dialog looks like:

Figure 6-2 Change Password Dialog

Change Password Dialog


You can set the Allow Expiration Date option in the Account Expiration option to prevent the user from using the product after the expiry date. This is different from the Allow Expiration Date option in the Change User Password option dialog.


If you set the expiry date for the SUPERVISOR user an it expired, the SUPERVISOR user account cannot be enabled again.

6.2.2 Modifying an Existing User

To modify an existing user, do as follows:

  1. Right-click on the user and select Open.
  2. Modify the user name under Name.
  3. Click the Change Password, type the new password and expiration date (optional).
  4. Click the Save button in the toolbar.


This option is available only for users with SUPERVISOR privilege. It is identified by a red icon. Non-supervisor users are identified with a green icon.

6.2.3 Deleting an User

To delete an existing user, do as follows:

  1. Highlight the user, right-click and select Delete.
  2. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


The user with supervisor privilege can delete any user with non supervisor privilege. SUPERVISOR account cannot be deleted.

6.3 Deleting a Secure Wallet

You cannot change the password for a secure wallet. If you need to reset a wallet password, you have to delete the wallet then recreate it as follows:

  1. Close Oracle GoldenGate Studio.
  2. Go to the cache directory in your Oracle GoldenGate Studio instance. The default directories are:
    • Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\oggstudio\oracledi\ewallet

    • UNIX and Linux:~/.oggstudio/oracledi/ewallet 

  3. Delete the wallet file. For example, ewallet.p12.
  4. Create the wallet again.