35.1 Set-up OAuth Services

You are an administrator and are responsible for setting up OAuth. You want to configure OAuth to secure access to services. During set up, you need to configure OAuth clients and resources in Oracle Access Manager. This section describes how to enable and manage OAuth Services using APIs.

You have the following responsibilities as an administrator.

  • Configure and manage OAuth Identity Domain

  • Configure and manage OAuth Resources

  • Configure and manage OAuth Clients

  • Ensure that the communication between different services is secure

  • Access protected services through REST API calls

Pre-requisite for OAuth configuration

Setting Up OAuth: Task Flow

This section describes the high-level tasks in setting up OAuth in OAM. You start setting up OAuth by creating an identity domain and registering a resource. An OAuth Resource needs to be registered before registering an OAuth Client, as the resource information, specifically the API details, are required while registering a client.

  1. To create an identity domain using REST API calls, refer to Creating an Identity Domain

  2. To register a new resource using REST API calls, refer to Creating a Resource

  3. After a resource is registered, you can configure and register an OAuth Client. To register a trusted client using REST API calls, refer to Creating a Client

For more information on OAuth REST APIs, See REST API for OAuth in Oracle Access Manager