Chaining Multiple Operations Together in One Batch Request

Chaining is an Oracle RightNow adapter feature that you can use to correlate multiple operations within a single batch request.

Underlying concepts and resulting code for Chaining is discussed at length in Chaining.

The example use case for chaining discusses performing the following steps.

  1. Create a Contact.
  2. Create Incident (the primary Contact for this Incident is the one you created in the first step.)
  3. Get the Incident (you must return the Incident just created.)

Using Chaining shows you how to use chaining with the Oracle RightNow adapter user interface and provides a use case for doing so. The use case shows you how you can achieve Chaining during transformation and uses the XSLT Mapper.


Chaining is always used together with batching and does not require any extra step in the Oracle RightNow adapter batch configuration wizard.