Performing CRUD Operations on Custom Objects

Oracle RightNow Cx has two different types of objects associated with it: standard business objects and custom objects upon which you can perform CRUD operations. In this use case, you perform a Get operation on a custom object and generate the appropriate WSDL and JCA file.

To perform the Get operation on a custom object:

  1. At the Operation screen, look under Available for the custom object you want to select for a CRUD operation. The convention is the standard object name, for example, Contact, followed by CustomObj (for example, Contact_CustomObj).
  2. Using Contact_CustomObj as an example under Available, and using the arrow, move the selected object to Selected.
  3. Change the CRUD operation to Get to perform a Get operation on the selected object.
  4. Click Next Step. The wizard displays the Summary screen.
  5. Click Finish to generate the WSDL and JCA file.