Querying Arbitrary Objects using ROQL

Use the Oracle RightNow adapter to design the outbound service to query Standard and Custom objects from the RightNow Cx instance with the help of ROQL, the RightNow Query Language.

For complete information on using the Oracle RightNow adapter to perform ROQL queries, see Working with ROQL. After completing the common operation steps specified in Performing Common JDeveloper Configuration Steps, follow this procedure.

  1. On the Operations screen, select ROQL from the Select an Operation Type list.
  2. In the Query statement text box, input the ROQL query.
  3. Test the query syntax before completing the wizard steps. Click Test My Query.
  4. Once you have completed the configuration of the query operation, click Next Step. The adapter generates the integration centric WSDL with the query operation, input and output messages. The adapter also creates a reference endpoint which enables you to wire it from other components such as BPEL and Mediator.