Performing a Batch Operation with Multiple Business Objects and Multiple Operations

In this scenario, as part of the outbound communication, the Oracle RightNow adapter connects to the RightNow Cx instance with the help of the Connect Web Services for SOAP API to perform a batch operation with a multiple business objects on the RightNow Cx instance. This is a synchronous request. Follow this procedure to perform a batch operation with multiple business objects and multiple operations:

  1. Configure operation-specific details. Select the Batch Operation option on the Operations screen.
  2. Click Add an Operation to the List to add multiple operations.
  3. Select the operation type and business objects.

    The configuration of a batch operation is similar to configuring a single operation (as explained in the first use case).

    The operation configuration for a batch operation also enables you to specify the batch-only option of commit after for a given operation. This commits the entire transaction only after the operation for which commit after is specified.

  4. Click the Ok button to complete configuring operations