Oracle RightNow Adapter Test Functionality

Test functionality is a distinctive feature of the Oracle RightNow adapter that is available in two forms.

One form enables you to test the connection parameters. The second form enables you to validate and execute a ROQL query.

The section below provides more information about these two features.

Design-Time Test Functionality Details

Design-time test functionality includes the following test features:


Ensure that you set up proxy settings in Oracle JDeveloper to connect to the external SaaS application URL. Otherwise, time out errors can occur.
  • Test Right Now CX Cloud Connection: There is a Test button on the Connection page of the Oracle RightNow adapter configuration wizard.

    By clicking Test, you receive either of the following messages:

    • Success! - For successful connection

    • Failure! - For any exception during login

  • Query Test Tool: This tool runs and tests your queries. When you select ROQL on the Operations page of the Oracle RightNow adapter configuration wizard, a test dialogue box appears with a Query Statement text box and a Results box for showing the query result.