Oracle RightNow Adapter Limit and Restriction Handling

The following limits and restrictions apply to this adapter. They include:

Delete-Cascading Delete Effect

There is a cascading delete effect when using Oracle RightNow adapter for a Destroy Delete operation.

Primary objects are deleted directly through the Delete operation. To destroy a primary object, an instance of the object must be instantiated and the ID property set, but no other fields require population. When a primary object is deleted, this operation may also “cascade" to related primary objects.

For additional information on cascading delete effects, and a summary of aggregations that will cause a cascading delete effect, see the Oracle RightNow Connect Web Services for SOAP Developer Guide.

API Limits Enforced by the RightNow Cx Server

While usage of Oracle Cloud Connect Web Services for SOAP is unlimited, there are practical limits which are enforced by the RightNow Cx server.

There are two important limits relevant to the use of the Oracle RightNow adapter:

  • 100 Batch items per SOAP request. The Batch operation enforces a hard limit of 100 items. If this limit is exceeded, a fault is returned before completing any operations. If the limit is exceeded, batch items are not processed.

  • Each individual Create, Get, Update, and Destroy operation is limited to 1000 items. RightNow Cx server checks the number of items in the request at the beginning and if the number of items is more than 1000, or if the number of items causes the combined summation of items to exceed the request maximum, RightNow Cx server throws an exception and does not process the request.

  • 10,000 total input objects per SOAP request. The combination of the multi-object Create, Get, Update and Destroy operations and the Batch operation is limited to 10,000 total input objects per SOAP request. RightNow Cx keeps a running total of objects which is managed by Create, Get, Update, and Destroy operations. Each time one of the bulk operations occurs, the number of items is added to the total number of objects processed in the request.

    The processing of the Batch operations occurs until the limit of 10,000 objects is reached. Once reached, the operation causing the 10,000 limit will be terminated and a fault returned. Operations contained within the Batch request that do not contain input objects will continue to execute.

    These three limits (100, 1000, 10000) are treated independently. Some operations affect both the bulk limits and the total operation limits (for example, Create, Get, Update, and Destroy).

For additional information, see the see the Oracle RightNow Connect Web Services for SOAP Developer Guide.