Understanding API Faults and Error Handling

In general, error handling in the Oracle RightNow Connect Web Services for SOAP API is done through the standard WSDL fault mechanism. The WSDL defines three different types of WSDL faults: RequestErrorFault, ServerErrorFault and UnexpectedErrorFault.

The base fault type as defined by the WSDL is RNFault; an instance of RNFault contains an exception code and message.

About Request Errors

Request errors are generated when there is a validation failure or a data related error of the inbound request

About Server Errors

Server errors are generated when there is a known or expected error that may occur on the server during processing of the request.

About Unexpected Errors

Unexpected errors are rare exceptions that occur unexpectedly on Oracle RightNow Cx Server while processing a request. These unexpected errors cannot necessarily be mapped to a specific error code or status.