Understanding the Oracle RightNow Adapter in Design Time and Runtime

This section provides an overview that enables you to access the Oracle RightNow adapter in both design time and runtime.

The Oracle RightNow adapter has two components:

  • Design time. The design-time component of the Oracle RightNow adapter is the configuration wizard. The wizard enables generation of artifacts that are needed to invoke and consume Web services. It consists of configuration windows that create the artifacts needed to communicate with the RightNow Cx.

    Oracle JDeveloper design time for the Oracle RightNow adapter provides the user interface that facilitates creating an on-premise connector/adapter to the RightNow Cx. It supplies the following features:

    • Ability to input the RightNow Cx WSDL on which the connection is to the RightNow Cx is to be made.

    • Validation of the RightNow Cx WSDL together with its associated CSF key.

    • Testing the Oracle RightNow connection for success.

    • Browsing standard objects or event subscriptions that are available to you in RightNow CX.

    • Enabling you to select/query the RightNow CX business objects in two ways:

      • Ability to use the shuttle-based business object browser widget.

      • Ability to test and validate the ROQL query during design time.

    The flowchart shown in Figure 2-8 explains the complete design-time lifecycle- (the actions you perform in configuring the Oracle RightNow adapter). It shows the Adapter Configuration Wizard for the runtime and how the design time relates to its SOA context.

    Figure 2-8 Oracle RightNow Adapter Design Time Flowchart

    Description of Figure 2-8 follows
    Description of "Figure 2-8 Oracle RightNow Adapter Design Time Flowchart"
  • The adapter also has a runtime component. You use the runtime part of the adapter for delivering the information generated during design time to the service endpoint. This is where the invocation of the Web Service occurs.

You can install the Oracle RightNow adapter for both new and existing customers of Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1.