Class TransactionalScheme

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BackingMapManagerBuilder, MapBuilder, NamedCacheBuilder, ServiceBuilder, CachingScheme, ObservableCachingScheme, Scheme, ServiceScheme

    public class TransactionalScheme
    extends AbstractCachingScheme
    The TransactionalScheme class builds a transactional cache. The transactional cache is a logical cache backed by a set of distributed caches. A distributed service is used to handle the internal txn caches, since they are all distributed caches. Because the transactional cache is logical, it implements the realizeNamedCache used by ECCF.ensureCache. There is no backing map for transactional caches (because they are logical) so realizeMap is not needed. However, the internal distributed txn caches do have backing maps which are handled by the normal DistributedScheme code.
    Coherence 12.1.2
    pfm 2011.12.06