Class SimpleQueryRecord.PartialResult.AbstractRecordableStep

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractRecordableStep

        public AbstractRecordableStep​(Filter filter)
        Construct an AbstractRecordableStep.
        filter - the step filter
    • Method Detail

      • recordPreFilterKeys

        public void recordPreFilterKeys​(int nSizeIn)
        Record the number of keys passed to the filter for evaluation. This method may be called repeatedly on the same step instance. Each call will add to the total recorded pre-evaluation key set size for this step.

        During the scan phase of a query trace operation, each entry is individually evaluated against the filter. Each call to trace should record a key count of 1.

        Specified by:
        recordPreFilterKeys in interface QueryRecord.PartialResult.RecordableStep
        nSizeIn - the number of keys to be evaluated
      • recordExtractor

        public void recordExtractor​(ValueExtractor extractor)
        Record all relevant index information for any index associated with the given extractor (e.g. index lookup and range scan). This method may be called multiple times if there is more than one extractor associated with the filter used to create this step.
        Specified by:
        recordExtractor in interface QueryRecord.PartialResult.RecordableStep
        extractor - the extractor associated with the filter for this step