Class AbstractProcessor<K,​V,​R>

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      • AbstractProcessor

        public AbstractProcessor()
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      • processAll

        public Map<K,​R> processAll​(Set<? extends InvocableMap.Entry<K,​V>> setEntries)
        Process a Set of InvocableMap.Entry objects. This method is semantically equivalent to:
           Map mapResults = new ListMap();
           for (Iterator iter = setEntries.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); )
               Entry entry = (Entry);
               mapResults.put(entry.getKey(), process(entry));
           return mapResults;

        Note: if processAll() call throws an exception, only the entries that were removed from the setEntries would be considered successfully processed and the corresponding changes made to the underlying Map; changes made to the remaining entries or any other entries obtained from BackingMapContext.getBackingMapEntry(java.lang.Object) will not be processed. Note: As of Coherence 12.2.1, this method simply delegates to the default processAll implementation in InvocableMap.EntryProcessor.

        Specified by:
        processAll in interface InvocableMap.EntryProcessor<K,​V,​R>
        setEntries - a Set of InvocableMap.Entry objects to process
        a Map containing the results of the processing, up to one entry for each InvocableMap.Entry that was processed, keyed by the keys of the Map that were processed, with a corresponding value being the result of the processing for each key