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Tasks: Server Life Cycle Task Log

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This page displays all of the relevant server log information that was recorded during this transition.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Time and date when the message originated, in a format that is specific to the locale.


Indicates the subsystem of WebLogic Server that was the source of the message; for example, Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) container or Java Messaging Service (JMS).


Indicates the degree of impact or seriousness of the event reported by the message.


Identifies the origins of the message:Machine Name is the DNS name of the computer that hosts the server instance.


Server Name is the name of the WebLogic Server instance on which the message was generated.


Thread ID is the ID that the JVM assigns to the thread in which the message originated.

User ID

The user ID under which the associated event was executed. To execute some pieces of internal code, WebLogic Server authenticates the ID of the user who initiates the execution and then runs the code under a special Kernel Identity user ID. Java EE modules such as EJBs that are deployed onto a server instance report the user ID that the module passes to the server.

Transaction ID

Present only for messages logged within the context of a transaction.

Context ID

Diagnostic context information to correlate messages coming from a specific request or application.


The timestamp in milliseconds.

Message ID

A unique six-digit identifier. All message IDs that WebLogic Server system messages generate start with BEA- and fall within a numerical range of 0-499999.


A description of the event or condition.

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