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Create a Distributed Queue

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Use this page to create a either a uniform distributed queue or a weighted distributed queue in a JMS module.

To create a uniform distributed queue, select the Allocate Members Uniformly check box. This will automatically creates uniformly-configured queue members on selected JMS servers, or on all JMS servers on a target server or cluster. This feature ensures the consistent configuration of all distributed queue parameters, particularly in regards to weighting, security, persistence, paging, and quotas.

To create a weighted distributed queue, clear the Allocate Members Uniformly check box. Then you can manually configure and fine-tune "weighted" distributed queue members.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this distributed queue.


The name used to bind a virtual destination to the JNDI tree. Applications can use the JNDI name to look up the virtual destination.

If not specified, then the destination is not bound into the JNDI namespace.

MBean Attribute (Does not apply to application modules) :

Destination Type

The type of this queue, either Uniform or Weighted.


The name of the template used to defining multiple destinations with similar configuration values.

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