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Create a JDBC Store

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Use this page to create a JDBC Store.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Specify a name for this JDBC store. This name must be unique within a WebLogic domain.

Prefix Name

Specify a prefix name to prepend to the table name in this JDBC store for use with multiple instances.

Data Source

Select a configured JDBC data source or multi data source used to access the JDBC store. If you need to configure a JDBC data source for the store, click the Create a New Data Source button.

You cannot configure a JDBC store to use a JDBC data source that is configured to use an XA JDBC driver or configured to support global transactions.


The server instances, clusters, or migratable targets defined in the current domain that are candidates for hosting a file store, JDBC store, or replicated store. If scoped to a Resource Group or Resource Group Template, the target is inherited from the Virtual Target.

When selecting a cluster, the store must be targeted to the same cluster as the JMS server. When selecting a migratable target, the store must be targeted it to the same migratable target as the migratable JMS server or SAF agent. As a best practice, a path service should use its own custom store and share the same target as the store.

MBean Attribute:

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