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Capture diagnostic images

Before you begin

To include Java Flight Recorder data in the diagnostic image, WebLogic Server must be configured with Java HotSpot VM and Java Flight Recorder must be enabled. For more information, see Understanding WLDF Configuration. Note also that Java Flight Recorder is disabled by default. For information about how to enable Java Flight Recorder in WebLogic Server, see Using Java Flight Recorder with Java HotSpot VM.

To capture a diagnostic image:

  1. In the left pane, expand Diagnostics and select Diagnostic Images.
  2. Select the radio button next to the server for which you want to capture a diagnostic image.
  3. Click Capture Image.
  4. On the Capture Diagnostic Image page:
    1. Enter a new directory in the Destination Directory field, or accept the default directory. If you change the directory for this image capture, it does not change the default directory for capturing images for this server when they are captured by other means, such as an action.
    2. Specify the timeout period for the diagnostic image in the Timeout field.
  5. Click OK.


An image of the selected server's current configuration and state is saved to the listed directory. If Java Flight Recorder is enabled, the diagnostic image capture includes WebLogic Server diagnostic data that can be viewed in Java Mission Control.

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