21 Managing WebCenter Portal Logs

Configure diagnostic logging and error messages in WebCenter Portal.


Oracle WebCenter Portal has deprecated the support for Jive features (announcements and discussions). If you have upgraded from a prior release to Release 12c (, Jive features remain available in your upgraded instance but Oracle support is not provided for these features. In the next release, Jive features will not be available even in the upgraded instances


To perform the tasks in this chapter, you must be granted the WebLogic Server Admin, Operator, or Monitor role through the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console.

See also Understanding Administrative Operations, Roles, and Tools.

Introduction to Diagnostic Logging

All diagnostic information relating to startup and shutdown information, errors, warning messages, access information on HTTP requests, and other additional information is stored in log files.

For general information about managing and analyzing logs using Fusion Middleware Control and WLST, see Managing Log Files and Diagnostic Dat in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.

See also, Understanding the Diagnostic Frameworka in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.

This section includes the following topics:

WebCenter Portal Diagnostics Log

The diagnostics log file for WebCenter Portal is WC_Portal-diagnostic.log.

This log is available under the DOMAIN_HOME/servers/WC_Portal/logs directory.

Oracle WebCenter Portal Message IDs

Oracle WebCenter Portal log messages fall into these categories:

Table 21-1 Oracle WebCenter Portal Message Categories

Message ID Range Message Category

BI Integration

WCS-01001 ~ WCS-02000


WCS-02001 ~ WCS-03000

Calendar Tasks

WCS-03001 ~ WCS-04000

Collaboration Integration

WCS-04001 ~ WCS-05000

Portal Builder

WCS-05001 ~ WCS-06000


WCS-06001 ~ WCS-07000

Document Library

WCS-07001 ~ WCS-08000


WCS-08001 ~ WCS-09000


WCS-09001 ~ WCS-10000

Explorer Toolbar

WCS-10001 ~ WCS-11000

Desktop Integration

WCS-11001 ~ WCS-12000


WCS-12001 ~ WCS-13000


WCS-13001 ~ WCS-14000


WCS-14001 ~ WCS-15000


WCS-15001 ~ WCS-16000

Page Editor

WCS-16001 ~ WCS-17000

Page Templates

WCS-17001 ~ WCS-18000


WCS-18001 ~ WCS-19000

Personal WebCenter

WCS-19001 ~ WCS-20000

Provisioned Apps

WCS-20001 ~ WCS-21000

Ratings / Comments

WCS-21001 ~ WCS-22000


WCS-22001 ~ WCS-23000

Resource Catalog

WCS-23001 ~ WCS-24000

Rich Text Editor

WCS-24001 ~ WCS-25000


WCS-25001 ~ WCS-26000


WCS-26001 ~ WCS-27000


WCS-27001 ~ WCS-28000

Smart Tags

WCS-28001 ~ WCS-29000


WCS-29001 ~ WCS-30000


WCS-30001 ~ WCS-31000

WebCenter Portal Editor

WCS-31001 ~ WCS-32000


WCS-32001 ~ WCS-33000

Content Adapters

WCS-34001 ~ WCS-35000

VCR ADF Integration

WCS-35001 ~ WCS-36000


WCS-36001 ~ WCS-37000


WCS-37001 ~ WCS-38000


WCS-38001 ~ WCS-39000

Portlet Binding

WCS-39001 ~ WCS-40000

Portlet Runtime

WCS-40001 ~ WCS-41000


WCS-41001 ~ WCS-42000

External Application

WCS-42001 ~ WCS-43000

Service Framework

WCS-43001 ~ WCS-44000

Security Framework

WCS-44001 ~ WCS-45000

Portlet Design-Time

WCS-45001 ~ WCS-46000

Resource Catalog Viewer

WCS-46001 ~ WCS-47000

People Connections

WCS-47001 ~ WCS-48000


WCS-48001 ~ WCS-49000


WCS-49001 ~ WCS-50000


WCS-50001 ~ WCS-51000

Office integration

WCS-51001 ~ WCS-52000


WCS-52001 ~ WCS-53000

Activity Graph

WCS-53001 ~ WCS-54000

VCR (from WLP

WCS-54001 ~ WCS-55000

WebCenter Content SPI

WCS-55001 ~ WCS-56000


WCS-61001 ~ WCS-62000


WCS-62001 ~ WCS-63000


WCS-63001 ~ WCS-64000

JAX-RS Framework

WCS-64001 ~ WCS-65000

Data Presenter

WCS-65001 ~ WCS-66000

Knowledge Directory

WCS-66001 ~ WCS-67000

Concurrency Package

WCS-67001 ~ WCS-68000

PortalApps Integration

WCS-68001 ~ WCS-69000

System Management

WCS-69001 ~ WCS-70000

Performance Out-of-bounds

WCS-69201 ~ WCS-70000


WCS-70001 ~ WCS-71000

Out-Of-Bound Conditions for Oracle WebCenter Portal Performance Metrics

Out-of-bound conditions are also logged in managed server diagnostic logs so you can examine historical events at any time. Performance related messages are logged with the message ID prefix WCS-692<nn>and include the metric name, the value, and a message describing the metric that is out-of-bounds.

Here are some examples of messages that you might see in diagnostic logs for WebCenter Portal:

[WC_Portal] [WARNING] [WCS-69251] [oracle.webcenter.system-management] [tid:
 [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: '4' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)']
 [userId: weblogic] [ecid:
 6356ef0164cbad47:3fe105c5:13b4e847973:-8000-0000000000000031,0] [APP:
 webcenter#] [DSID: 0000JhEYRT^EgKG_Ix8Dyf1Ghz32000005]
 pageResponseTime: 22223 ms of PersonalSpace/Activities is out-of-bounds

[WC_Portal] [WARNING] [WCS-69252] [oracle.webcenter.system-management] [tid:
 oracle.webcenter.DefaultTimer] [ecid: 0000JhEX92mEgKG_Ix8Dyf1Ghz32000002,0] [APP: webcenter#] 
wlsCpuUsage: 21.92100394175851 % of WebLogicServer is out-of-bounds

[WC_Portal] [WARNING] [WCS-69255] [oracle.webcenter.system-management] [tid:
 [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)']
 [userId: weblogic] [ecid:
 6356ef0164cbad47:3fe105c5:13b4e847973:-8000-0000000000000060,0] [APP:
 webcenter#] [DSID: 0000JhEYRT^EgKG_Ix8Dyf1Ghz32000005]
 downloadThroughput: 11.63793103448276 KB/sec of 3209 is out-of-bound

[WC_Portal] [WARNING] [WCS-69253] [oracle.webcenter.system-management] [tid:
 pool-3-daemon-thread-1] [userId: weblogic] [ecid:
 6356ef0164cbad47:3fe105c5:13b4e847973:-8000-0000000000000088,0:16] [APP:
 webcenter#] portletResponseTime: 20523 ms of Portlet: slowRenderingPortlet from Web Producer myPortlets is out-of-bounds

Viewing and Configuring Log Information

This section includes the following topics:

Viewing and Configuring WebCenter Portal Logs

To view log messages for a WebCenter Portal application:

  1. In Fusion Middleware Control, navigate to the home page for WebCenter Portal.

    See Navigating to the Home Page for WebCenter Portal.

  2. From the WebCenter Portal menu, select Logs > View Log Messages.

  3. In the Log Messages page, search for warnings, errors, notifications, and so on.

To configure log files for WebCenter Portal:

  1. In Fusion Middleware Control, navigate to the home page for WebCenter Portal.
  2. From the WebCenter Portal menu, select Logs > Log Configuration.
  3. In the Log Configuration page, in the Log Files tab, configure log settings.

For more information, see Viewing and Searching Log Files in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Viewing and Configuring Error Messages in WebCenter Portal

To help developers debug WebCenter Portal assets, administrators can enable error messages with the calling stack to be displayed in the WebCenter Portal error page.


For security reasons, error messages should not be enabled in a production environment. Oracle recommends that you restrict error messages to development and staging environments.

To enable error messages:

  1. Connect to the WebCenter domain's Administration server using WLST.

  2. Create a new folder (/tmp/WCconfig) on your local file system.

  3. Export the webcenter-config.xml configuration file to the /tmp/WCconfig folder you created by running:

    exportMetadata(application='webcenter', server='WC_Portal', toLocation='/tmp/WCconfig', docs='/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata/webcenter-config.xml')
  4. Open the webcenter-config.xml file (in the /tmp/WCconfig/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata) folder and change the showError-enable property to true to enable error messages:


    or false to disable it:

  5. Save the file and import it back to the Administration server using the following WLST command:

    importMetadata(application='webcenter', server='WC_Portal',fromLocation='/tmp/WCconfig', docs='/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata/webcenter-config.xml') 

    Note that you do not need to restart the Administration server for the change to take effect.