What’s New for Oracle WebCenter Sites

Here’s an overview of new features and enhancements added to improve your Oracle WebCenter Sites experience.

Release 12c ( — August 2017

Feature Description

Bluekai Integration

Bluekai helps you tap into the numerous anonymous visitors who visit your site. Enabling Bluekai integration with WebCenter Sites allows you to customize your website with online interests of site visitors, including ones who are anonymous.


Content Cloud Integration

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (Content Cloud) is a cloud-based content hub that lets you manage your content wherever you are, keeping all your files at your fingertips at home, in the office, at the airport, or in a hotel, halfway across the world. With the integration of Content Cloud with WebCenter Sites, you can share, collaborate, process, and manage your content easily and effectively.


Other Noteworthy Changes in Release 12c (
Feature Description
Lucene Indexing Test You can use the Lucene Indexing Test tool to test the performance of Lucene indexing, either on shared file system, that is (<cs_install_dir>/Shared/lucene) or on NIO (Non-blocking I/O), that is sharefs://Shared/lucene. The results of these tests are compared against benchmark results.

See Lucene Indexing Test.

Release 12c ( — October 2016

There are no new features in this release.

Release 12c ( — June 2016

Feature Description
Content Audit Report The Content Audit report provides an overall picture of the content management system at any given time. It provides details about the content managed, published, content in workflow, as well as the authors working on the content. See:
History Tab The History tab, available in the Inspect view of the Form mode of an asset, displays the different actions performed on an asset, such as created, edited, check out, check in, approve and so on. See About History Tab.
A/B Testing The Oracle WebCenter Sites: A/B Testing feature enables marketers to experiment with design and content variations on website pages and determine which variations produce the optimal results, before making permanent changes to the website. See:
MVC Framework Oracle WebCenter Sites provides a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and Java APIs for developing server-side websites, as well as REST APIs for building websites rendered on the client side. See:
Upgrade support The upgrade support from Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g ( and 12c ( releases is available in 12c ( For more information, see Upgrading WebCenter Sites from 11g to 12c.
Other Noteworthy Changes in Release 12c (
Feature Description
Core Properties Properties under the Core category are created by WebCenter Sites during installation. The properties include database configuration properties, installation properties, and properties that specify the type of system you are running. Added the following core properties:
  • wcsites.assethistory.enabled

  • wcsites.diskspacewarningemail

  • wcsites.diskspacewarningsize

See Properties in the Core Category.

Eloqua Integration Properties Properties under the Eloqua Integration category are related to integrating the Eloqua Cloud Marketing Service (Eloqua) with Oracle WebCenter Sites. Integrating Eloqua with WebCenter Sites provides marketers with the ability to converge the visitor's online experience with their marketing campaigns, as well as more effectively manage the visitor journey. The integration eliminates content duplication and streamlines content targeting across channels. Added a new section on Eloqua integration properties. See Properties in the Eloqua Integration Category.
Engage Properties Engage is a WebCenter Sites marketing component that enables WebCenter Sites users to create assets that collect visitor data, define visitors into segments, recommend products and content to visitors based on segments, and run promotions that apply to all or specific segments. Properties categorized under the Engage category enable administrators to manage the visitor data collected by Engage assets, and configure the options marketers can choose from when creating Engage assets. Added the following Engage properties:
  • sessionvisitor.attributes.driver

  • sessionvisitor.attributes.password

  • sessionvisitor.attributes.user

  • vis.useSessionVisitorConnection

  • sessionvisitor.attributes.url

See Properties in the Engage Category.

Security Properties Properties in the Security category determine how security is configured on both the management and the delivery systems. Additionally, Security properties with the sub category Content Security allow you to configure content security protection for websites developed through WebCenter Sites. Added the following Security properties:
  • X-XSS-Protection

  • X-Content-Type-Options

See Properties in the Security Category.

User Properties Properties under the User category in the WebCenter Sites wcs_properties.json file are related to implementing WebCenter Sites users. This includes creating and registering user names with LDAP and the WebCenter Sites database tables. Added the jndi.context.referral property. See Properties in the User Category.