26 Administering Bluekai Integration

To configure the integration of Bluekai with WebCenter Sites, you must have an account with Bluekai. This configuration enables you to create or share campaigns in the Bluekai partner site. The configuration process involves a workflow listed in the following table:

Workflow Process Workflow Details
Share your BlueKai campaigns Log in to the BlueKai partner site (https://partner.bluekai.com) and share the campaigns as required to use in WebCenter Sites.
Configure BlueKai Properties Configure the properties related to BlueKai in the Property Management Tool.

26.1 Working with Bluekai Partner Site

To share and utilize information from the Bluekai partner site, you can create an account and set up campaigns for your site.

For information on Bluekai usage, see http://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/data-cloud/dsmkt/oracle-bluekai-integration-portal.html. In the Bluekai partner site, you can decide to partner with existing collaborators (organizations which are already registered with Bluekai) to buy or share data about site visitors.

26.2 Configuring Bluekai Integration Properties

You must configure all the properties listed in the following table to integrate Bluekai with WebCenter Sites. Configure Bluekai cookies with the bluekai.sites.cookie and bluekai.segments.cookie.prefix properties. The bluekai.user.key and bluekai.private.key properties are used for programmatic access of the Blukai site and data.

For instructions on how to access the Property Management Tool in the Admin interface and use it to verify or modify property values, see Using the Property Management Tool in the Property Files Reference for Oracle WebCenter Sites.

Property Description
bluekai.user.key This property is a user key obtained by creating an account in Bluekai. This is the Bluekai user key to connect your site with the Bluekai web services. You can use the key provided by Bluekai and set this property through the Property Management Tool.
bluekai.private.key This property is a user key obtained by creating an account in Bluekai. It is a Bluekai private key to encrypt the bluekai.user.key property.
bluekai.sites.cookie This property is a Bluekai container ID cookie that stores comma separated names of Bluekai containers or site IDs. You can configure this property in the Property Management Tool and set it as per your site name or preferences.
bluekai.segments.cookie.prefix This property is a cookie prefix used in creating cookies per Bluekai container or site. If you configure this property in the Property Management Tool, these cookies store names of Bluekai segments that qualify for different site visitors.

Once you have configured these properties for your site, every time a visitor visits your site, the JavaScript APIs run and retrieve the cookies stored against the visitor. The information retrieved from the cookies helps you to customize your site with respect to the preferences of the site visitor.