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Gets the list of attribute values that are associated with the assets represented by an assetset.



NAME (required)
Input parameter. Name of the assetset object.

ATTRIBUTE (required)
Input parameter. Name of an attribute whose value should be looked up.

TYPENAME (optional)
Input parameter. Asset type name of the attribute. The default is set in the gator.ini file: mwb.defaultattributes=PAttributes.

LISTVARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of a list that holds a list of string values assigned on output and obtained from the assetset's attributes.

ORDERING (optional)
Input parameter. Indicates whether the result list should be in ascending or descending order; value can be either ascending or descending.


This tag generates one or more database queries, in order to retrieve the value of the attributes specified. Only distinct values are retrieved. Values inherited from parent assets may also be retrieved by this tag.

NOTE: This tag also causes dependencies to be recorded for all assets that contribute to the returned lists, or if this assetset object is not an enumerated one, then the equivalent of RENDER.UNKNOWNDEPS will be performed.


It is highly inefficient to retrieve values for multiple attributes, one at a time, by using this tag repeatedly on an assetset. It is recommended instead that ASSETSET.GETMULTIPLEVALUES be used in such circumstances.


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