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Adds a row to a table using the CATALOGMANAGER command.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to addrow.

tablename (required)
The name of the table where you plan to add a row.

urlcolumnname_folder (optional)
A subfolder name to store the uploaded file. The file is then stored under the upload folder and the subfolder. The upload folder is specified in the SystemInfo table's defdir column. Note that you can have multiple upload columns.

Upload columns are designated by the prefix url. The column name in the table must begin with url (for example, urltext). The argument name must include the table's column name with _folder appended to the column name (for example, urltext_folder).

columnname_file (required for non-binary files)
The name of the file you want to upload. The column name in the table must begin with url (for example, urltext). The argument name must have _file appended to the table's column name (for example, urltext_file).

columnname (optional)
The value of each column in the row to be added. The columnname is a table column name.


The addrow command adds a row to a table.


When adding a row to a table of type obj (an object table), the system creates Variables.newid, which contains the system-assigned unique ID for the new record.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No such table.
No table definition.
Database error.


The following example adds a new row to the table named movies.

The next example uses a table called CatalogExample. The default upload column is
. The table has the following columns:

The form uses the CatalogManager command. The row is added to the table when the user clicks the addrow button and the file, AddrowExample.txt is added to the

The next example uses the same table, CatalogExample. This example is similar to the previous example, except that the user browses and selects a file to upload. In addition, the columnname_file parameter is not included in this example because the file is uploaded in binary mode.

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