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Produces a cookie value that the Web designer can insert into the visitor's browser to enable Transact to recognize the user without requiring additional authentication.



USERID (required)
Input parameter. Identifier of the user as known to Transact. You can get this value by calling VDM.GETCOMMERCEID.

STOREID (required)
Input parameter. Identifier of the Transact store whose secret keys are used to generate the MAC.

SECONDS (optional)
Input parameter. Duration in seconds (from now) for which Transact honors the cookie. If omitted, the duration is 600 (10 minutes).

VARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. Name of a variable that holds the cookie string output with the following form:


Successful usage of such a cookie is limited to configurations where Transact and Sites reside in the same DNS domain. Typically, the value returned is used with the Sites SETCOOKIE tag.

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