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Sets a cookie on the client.



NAME (required)
Name of the cookie to set.

VALUE (required)
Value of the cookie being set.

TIMEOUT (required)
Timeout value of cookie, in seconds. After the cookie has expired, it no longer exists.

SECURE (required)
Indicates whether security is set on this cookie. Possible values are "true" or "false".

URL (optional)
Valid URL. This value restricts the sending of the cookie from the client to this URL only.

DOMAIN (optional)
Valid domain name. This value restricts the sending of the cookie from the client to addresses in this domain only.


The SETCOOKIE tag sets a cookie on the client. SETCOOKIE must appear before any tag that streams back data on the page or the cookie is not set. This is an HTTP requirement.


When setting cookies it is preferable to use CookieServer rather than the SETCOOKIE tag.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Cannot send mail.


This example sets the cookie mycookie on the client with the value frank. The cookie expires 600 seconds from the time it is created.

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