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Converts an epoch format long integer representing milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970, 0:00 GMT, into a single-row list with columns representing various date/time fields and formats.



If you take the result of DATE.CLOCKLIST and use it as an input value to DATE.CONVERT , the epoch date returned is different from the originally converted date because DATE.CLOCKLIST is 1-based for month and day values, while DATE.CONVERT is 0-based for month and day values.


LISTVARNAME (required)
Input parameter (see as output, below). Name of a list to create with broken out date formats.

CLOCK (optional)
Input parameter. Long integer value of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 0:00 GMT. The default is now, or the current clock value.

TIMEZONE (optional)
Input parameter. Time zone name. The default is system default.

Output parameter. A list is created with the following columns:

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