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Converts a specific date to an epoch format integer.


If you take the result of DATE.CLOCKLIST and use it as an input value to DATE.CONVERT , the epoch date returned is different from the originally converted date because DATE.CLOCKLIST is 1-based for month and day values, while DATE.CONVERT is 0-based for month and day values.



VARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of a variable to create with the integer date format on output.

YEAR (required)
Input parameter. The year number.

MONTH (required)
Input parameter. The month number (0-based; that is, 0=January, 11=December).

DAY (required)
Input parameter. The day number (0-based; that is, Sunday=0; Saturday=6.)

HOUR (optional)
Input parameter. The hour number (default is 0).

AMPM (optional)
Input parameter. The am/pm specifier (default is am).

MINUTE (optional)
Input parameter. The minute number (default is 0).

TIMEZONE (optional)
Input parameter. A specified time zone.

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