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Executes an inline SQL statement.



SQL (required)
SQL commands to execute.

LIST (required)
Name of list to contain resultset.

LIMIT (optional)
Maximum number of rows to be retrieved. If LIMIT is omitted or if the LIMIT value is set to less than or equal to 0, all records from the SQL command are returned.

TABLE (optional)
A comma-separated list of table to cache or synchronize against.


The EXECSQL tag executes an inline SQL statement. Because the SQL statement is inline and not from the SystemSQL table, you must set the variable tablename before the call; otherwise, an error can occur. Furthermore, tablename must exist in the database prior to calling EXECSQL. The resultset is cached against the table indicated by the value of tablename.


If the limit is less than or equal to 0, then no limit exists and the entire recordset is returned.

This tag supports multiple table caching. You provide a comma-separated list of tables via the TABLE parameter. The first table is the "primary" table, that is, the resultset is cached based on that table's caching rules.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No rows found.
Empty column.
No such table.
No table definition.
Bad parameter


This example selects headline from the table FTX1EE17FWB:

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