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Creates a string that can be used as part of an SQL WHERE clause.



OUTSTR (required)
Name of variable used to store resulting string.

TYPE (required)
Logical operator to use between relational comparison. Possible values are "AND" or "OR", and "IN".

VERB (required)
Relational operator to use. Possible values are:

STR (required)
A comma-separated list of items to test against a column name.

COLNAME (required)
Column name to use in relational comparison.


The SQLEXP tag creates a string that can be used as part of an SQL WHERE clause. SQLEXP takes a comma-separated string of items and a column name and places a relational operator between each item/column name pair. A logical operator is placed between each item/column name comparison.


Before using SQLEXP, you must set a variable called tablename. This enables SQLEXP to automatically quote values for text columns but not for numerical columns.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

General error.
Bad or missing table name.
Bad column name.


This example constructs a WHERE clause for use by EXECSQL.

This example for SQLEXP sets the variable mywhere to:

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