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Formats literals for CALLSQL and other tasks beyond those for which SQLEXP is designed.



TABLE (required)
Name of table.

COLUMN (required)
Name of column in the table.

STRING (required)
String that needs to be formatted into a literal for the specified column.

OUTPUT (required)
Variable name where the literal is placed.


Specifying the table name and column name, Sites determines which type of literal to create. Sites has database-specified properties to help it format both string (cc.stringpicture) and timestamp literals (cc.datepicture). For cc.datetime data types, Sites uses the cc.datepicture property. For cc.char, cc.varchar, and cc.bigtext, it uses the cc.stringpicture property.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

General exception error.
Invalid table name.
Invalid column name.
Missing required parameter.


The following query, named myquery, exists in the SystemSQL table.

The query is called in an element as follows:

In this example, Bubba is the string to be converted to a literal. The string is formatted according to the properties set for the database.

Release Introduced

This tag was introduced in CS release 5.0.

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