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Loads a property file.



FILE (required)
Name of the property file(s) to load. Load multiple files by separating them with a semicolon, for example:


The LOADPROPERTY tag loads a property file. This tag can load multiple property files using a semicolon to separate the files. The values loaded from the property file are valid only during the processing of the page containing LOADPROPERTY. Use this command to access a table in a different database, or to load string properties. For example, you might load a property file to find application-specific values for the local system configuration. The property file must be located in the same folder as the Sites property file (futuretense.ini).


Loading a property that does not contain the string futurtense.ini in the property file disables Sites security by setting the CS.Security property to false. Sites security remains disabled until the RESTOREPROPERTY XML tag is called.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Required property is missing.
File not found.
Path not found.

If one of these errors occurs, the values from the previously loaded property file (probably the default) are still in effect. There should be no need to use the RESTOREPROPERTY tag.


This example loads a new property file to access a table in a different database. The property file must contain all the information required to connect to the new database (For example, dsn, user name/password set, and so on. ).

The other.ini property file must define at least the following properties:

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