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Sets the property file to the Sites property file (futuretense.ini).



CLOSE (required)
Whether to close the connection to a database opened using the current properties. Possible values are true or false.

If CLOSE is set to true any open database connection specified by the current properties is closed before restoring the defaults. This invalidates any resultsets cached against that database. If access to those resultsets is required after RESTOREPROPERTY, CLOSE should be set to "false". This keeps the connection open and resultsets against the database available.

Note that if the Sites property file futuretense.ini is in effect, using RESTOREPROPERTY with CLOSE = "true" closes the database connection and deletes all existing variables. One might be tempted to do this if a LOADPROPERTY fails, but it should not be necessary.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.


This example loads the properties from other.ini and queries a table in the database specified in other.ini. After using the resultset from the query, the original property file is restored and the connection to the database specified in other.ini is closed. The value of "numbers" is undefined after RESTOREPROPERTY.

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