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Calls and renders a page or a pagelet from the SiteCatalog table.



PAGENAME (required)
Input. The name of the page entry from the SiteCatalog to render.

d (optional)
Device Group Suffix(a string that is common suffix of all the templates written for current device group). For example, if d ='Touch' and parameter tname = 'HomeLayout', the tag will try to find a template with name tname_d i.e. HomeLayout_Touch. If it exists, the tag will call this template, otherwise will simply call the template 'HomeLayout' i.e. actual tname provided.

ARGS_ (optional)
Input. Name/value pairs to pass to the called element, with the string ARGS_ as the prefix for the variable name. For example, Sites sets several variables through the resargs2 column in a page entry. To pass a value for one of these variables to a RENDER.CALLELEMENT tag, you affix ARGS_ to the beginning of the variable: ARGS_cid="Variables.id", ARGS_c="article", and so on.


This tag is equivalent of the <CONTENTSERVER/> tag with the following differences:

Use this tag to call the ContentServer servlet to serve a Sites page or pagelet. The page or pagelet must have a page entry in the SiteCatalog. If the specified pagelet is already cached, this tag loads it. If the specified pagelet is not already cached, this tag caches it (if caching is enabled for it) and loads it.

Variables passed to the Sites Module are subject to the following order of precedence:

If an element is coded with a RENDER.SATTLELITEPAGE tag but Sites-Satellite is not present, RENDER.SATELLITEPAGE passes the call to RENDER.CONTENTSERVER which then serves the page or pagelet.

Error Numbers

There are no possible errno for this tag.


This code calls for the page entry of a template named PlainList, passing the ID of the asset that it should display and the ID of the asset's parent page:

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