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Inserts a pagelet identified through a page name and a set of arguments.


       [d="Device Group Suffix"]
   [<RENDER.ARGUMENT NAME="variable1" VALUE="value1"/>]


pagename (required)
Input. The name of the page to invoke.
d (optional)
Device Group Suffix(a string that is common suffix of all the templates written for current device group). For example, if d ='Touch' and parameter tname = 'HomeLayout', the tag will try to find a template with name tname_d i.e. HomeLayout_Touch. If it exists, the tag will call this template, otherwise will simply call the template 'HomeLayout' i.e. actual tname provided.
packedargs (optional)
Input. Provides a way of specifying multiple arguments in one string. The value of this argument should be the output of a RENDER.PACKEDARGS tag.


Input. Name/value pairs to pass to the page entry.


This tag is the Sites equivalent of the satellite.page tag with the following exception:

Use this tag to serve a Sites page or pagelet when you are using Sites-Satellite on your system. The page or pagelet must have a page entry in the SiteCatalog. If the specified pagelet is already cached on a Sites-Satellite, this tag loads it. If the specified pagelet is not already cached, this tag caches it and loads it.

If an element is coded with a RENDER.SATELLITEPAGE tag but Sites-Satellite is not present, RENDER.SATELLITEPAGE passes the call to RENDER.CONTENTSERVER which then serves the page or pagelet.

If an asset is being rendered through a template, the RENDER.CALLTEMPLATE tag should be used instead.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Invalid parameters are parameters that are not specified as PageCriteria in the SiteCatalog.


The following code inserts a nested pagelet whose pagename is TopNav. It passes to parameters, sitepfx and site, both of which correspond to variables with the same names.

    <RENDER.ARGUMENT name="sitepfx" value='Variables.sitepfx'/>
    <RENDER.ARGUMENT name="site" value='Variables.site'/>

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