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Deletes a specific attribute constraint from a searchstate.



NAME (required)
Input parameter. Name of an object representing a searchstate.

BUCKET (optional)
Input parameter. Bucket name. If not specified, the attribute name is used. Use this parameter to indicate which constraint you need when the same attribute is used in multiple contstraints. A bucket is an alias and functions similar to an inner join in SQL; when you have multiple tables that have columns of the same name, you must specify the table name to indicate which column you are requesting.

TYPENAME (optional)
Input parameter. The internal asset name for the attribute (either CAttributes for content attribute, or PAttributes for product attribute). If you do not specify TYPENAME, a value is supplied from a property in the gator.ini property file: mwb.defaultattributes=PAttributes. The default value is set to be PAttributes and may be changed to be the name of any custom attribute asset types you create.

ATTRIBUTE (required)
Input parameter. Name of the attribute whose constraint should be deleted.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
General error.


This code serializes a SEARCHSTATE "origSS" containing a simple constraint and creates a variable which contains the string representation.

The following then deletes the constraint in a new searchstate "newSS" generated from the string representation. This code then sets this SEARCHSTATE into an ASSETSET.SETSEARCHEDASSETS tag to constrain the ASSETSET to be used when searching with other assetset tags. The last tag uses this constrained assetset to search for matching assets and fetch a list of values for a different attribute of the returned assets:

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