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Builds an empty searchstate object.



NAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of the searchstate object to create on output.

OP (optional)
Input parameter. Searchstate type, either and or or. The default is and.


This code creates an empty SEARCHSTATE with a default type of and. Two constraints ss1 and ss2 are then added to this searchstate. Any assets with matching values for both constraint ss1 and ss2 will be returned. If no assets match both constraints simultaneously nothing is returned This code then sets this SEARCHSTATE into an ASSETSET.SETSEARCHEDASSETS tag to constrain the ASSETSET to be used when searching with other assetset tags. The last tag uses this constrained assetset to search for matching assets and fetch a list of values for one of the constrained attributes for the returned assets:

This code creates a SEARCHSTATE with two clauses that are joined by an or operation. Assets that match either Germicidal Lamps or Watt% are returned.

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