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Retrieves and lists the value of a single field from a loaded site plan node.



NAME (required)
Input. Name of the site plan node whose field value you want to retrieve. This node must be loaded and assigned a name before you can pass its name to this tag. (See SITEPLAN.LOAD .)

FIELD (required)
Input. Name of the field whose value you want to retrieve.

OUTPUT (optional)
Input. Name to assign to the output variable that stores the value of the field. If you do not supply a name, Sites creates a variable with the same name as that of the field.


This tag obtains the value (or contents) from the specified field of a loaded node, and stores it in the specified output variable.

Use this tag to extract the parent node ID in order to trace the parentage of a page, which enables you to then display a link to the parent of the page that is currently displayed.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into memory).


This code extracts the value of the "oid" field for the site plan node identified as "pageNode" and stores it in an output variable named "objectid."

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