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Queries the database for the specified site plan tree node and then loads an instance of the site plan into memory as an object.



NAME (required)
Input. Name of top-level node of the site plan to load.

NODEID (required)
Input. Node ID of the top-level node in the site plan.


This tag executes a database query to retrieve an instance of the specified site plan tree node and then saves the instance into memory (session information), assigning it the name provided by the NAME parameter. That object is then available until the session is flushed or the name is overwritten.

To determine the nodeid of the site plan tree node that you want to load, you can either use the ASSET.GETSITENODE , or SITEPLAN.LISTPAGES tags.

You must load the site plan before you can use any of the other SITEPLAN tags, except SITEPLAN.ROOT .

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Tree selector error.
The implementing class is invalid.
There is a missing method for the implementing class.
The method could not be invoked successfully.
A required parameter is missing.
The requested object is not in the object pool (is not loaded into memory).
The object ID is not valid.
The version of the object is not valid.
The node ID of the object is not valid.
More than one object met the specified criteria.


This code loads a page asset, extracts the identity of its site node, and then loads the site plan with that page asset as the top-level page:

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