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Retrieves a node from a table. The object data may be joined to the result.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to getnode.

treename (required)
Name of the tree.

node (required)
ID of the node.

join (optional)
true or false to join the object table. Note that the object table holds the cache information.

depth (optional)
Defaults to 1. Limits the depth of recursion when scanning a tree. Illegal values are converted to 1. Specify -1 to remove depth restrictions on scan. Note below the impact of a deep recursive search. The depth parameter must be set to 1 if join is true.

Object tables that are joined to are required to be registered as type obj in the SystemInfo table in order to support the caching of resultsets that are created.

The name of the LIST constructed is stored in the value of the variables, treename (that is, Variables.treename).


The possible values of errno include:

No access privileges to table.
No access privileges to table.
No table.
Node not input.
Invalid tree name.


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