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Removes unused data recorded for visitors that have not returned to the site within a specified period of time.



STARTDATE (required)
Input parameter. Cutoff timestamp in milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970.


This tag removes all data accumulated for visitors who have not been to the site since the specified cutoff date. All visitors who have been to the site since the cutoff date are considered current, and their data is not removed.

Alias linkages are taken into account when deciding whether a visitor is no longer active. For example, if there are three visitor sessions linked by aliases, and the most recent visitor session is younger than the time cutoff specified, then all three visitor sessions will be preserved, as will the alias linkages between these visitor sessions. For this reason, this tag is often used in conjunction with the VDM.MERGEINACTIVE tag.


This tag is for database maintenance purposes only, and should never be used as part of site delivery. It can take a significant time to run.

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