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Merges together linked visitor records that are older than a time cutoff.



STARTDATE (required)
Input parameter. Cutoff timestamp in milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970.


This tag merges visitor sessions that occurred prior to a specified time that are linked together with each other through the visitor alias mechanism. You would want to do this to prevent the number of linked visitor sessions from growing so large that database queries pertaining to a visitor perform poorly.

Only visitor sessions that occur prior to the cutoff date will be considered for merging, and those sessions will be merged together with all other visitor sessions that also occur prior to the cutoff date which are linked together with the same visitor alias. This tag does not delete visitor sessions which are not currently active; therefore it is often desirable to use this tag in conjunction with the VDM.FLUSHINACTIVE tag.


This tag is for maintenance purposes only, and should never be used as part of site delivery. It can take a significant time to run.

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