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Generates a list of potential workflow participants if the process has a "Choose assignee when step is taken" type start step.



SITE (required)
Publication ID.

NEXTSTEP (required)
Next workflow step ID.

OBJVARNAME (required)
Name of the participants object that describes the potential workflow participants for the assignment. If no object is returned, the starting process step does not use a "Choose assignee when step is taken" assignment method.

ID (optional)
Assignment ID. If specified, list of potential participants will be based on the sites where the asset of the assignment is enabled.


The WORKFLOWENGINE.GETCOMPLETEASSIGNMENTCANDIDATEASSIGNEES tag generates a candidate list, which when modified appropriately, is passed as an ASSIGNMENTLIST object into WORKFLOWENGINE.COMPLETEASSIGNMENT tag.

Note the following when you use the ASSIGNMENTLIST parameter; when adding a new workflow step to a workflow process, the administrator needs to decide on the assignment method, which determines to whom the asset is assigned in the next workflow state. There are four assignment methods from which to choose:

If the administrator selects the "Choose assignee when step is take" assignment method, then the workflow participant is presented with a list of possible assignees at the time of "Finish my assignment".

For more information about setting up a workflow process, see the Sites Administrator's Guide.

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