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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle External Proxy Guide

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Updated: May 2019

Setting HA for Oracle External Proxy Extension Properties

The sections that follow contain instructions for registering and configuring HA for Oracle External Proxy resources. For information about the extension properties, see HA for Oracle External Proxy Extension Properties. The Tunable entry indicates when you can update a property.

See the rt_properties(7), r_properties(7), and rg_properties(7) man pages for details on all of the Oracle Solaris Cluster extension properties.

To set an extension property of a resource, include the following option in the clresource command that creates or modifies the resource:

-p property=value 
-p property

Identifies the extension property that you are setting.


Specifies the value to which you are setting the extension property.

You can also use the procedures in Chapter 2, Administering Data Service Resources in Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4 to configure resources after the resources are created.