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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Apache Tomcat Guide

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Updated: August 2018

How to Enable Apache Tomcat as a Multiple-Masters Data Service

  1. Assume the root role or assume a role that provides solaris.cluster.admin authorization on one of the nodes in the cluster that will host Apache Tomcat.
  2. Register the SUNW.gds and SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type.
    # clresourcetype register SUNW.gds SUNW.HAStoragePlus
  3. Create the resource group for the multiple-masters data service.
    # clresourcegroup create \
    -p Maximum_primaries=2 \
    -p Desired_primaries=2 Apache-Tomcat-scalable-resource-group

    If you need more nodes, adjust Maximum_primaries and Desired_primaries to the appropriate value.

  4. Create a resource for the Apache Tomcat Disk Storage if it is not in the root (/) file system.
    # clresource create \
    -g Apache-Tomcat-failover-resource-group \
    -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus \
    -p FileSystemMountPoints=Apache-Tomcat- instance-mount-points Apache-Tomcat-hasp-resource
  5. Enable the multiple-masters resource group that now includes the Apache Tomcat disk storage and logical hostname resources.
    # clresourcegroup online -eM  Apache Tomcat-failover-resource-group

Next Steps

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