1.2 Introduction to Kata Containers

You can provide additional security and isolation of workloads using Kata Containers. Kata Containers is based on the upstream Kata Containers OpenStack Foundation project. Kata Containers delivers the framework for creating lightweight virtual machines, that can easily plug into a container ecosystem. Kata Containers offers additional levels of security, while maintaining the development and deployment speed of traditional containers.

Kata Containers is a component of Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment. Kata Containers is Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) compliant environment to deploy microservices, and to orchestrate containers.

Kata Containers is based on a stable release of the upstream Kata Containers project. Differences between Oracle versions of the software and upstream releases are limited to Oracle specific fixes and patches for specific bugs.

For upstream Kata Containers documentation, see:


For more information about Kata Containers, see: